Does Navarre Beach Have Sharks?

Does Navarre Beach have Sharks? Of course, but there hasn’t been a shark attack in the area in over a decade.

Navarre Beach, Florida has been named one of Florida’s most relaxing beaches.

But when it comes to Land Based Shark Fishing, there is no place more exciting or eventful.

Navarre Beach has an abundant shark fishery that includes species such as Tiger, Blacktip, Bull, Spinner, Hammerhead, Nurse, Lemon, Dusky and the occasional Mako.

Although summer provides the best opportunity to catch a shark, most species of sharks can be caught all year along the gulf coast.

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As always, if you are shark fishing from land, please make sure you have taken the Shark-Smart Fishing Educational Course found at and get the Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. Both of these are free, but are required by the state of Florida for anyone age 16 or older.

Does Navarre Beach Have Sharks?