Land Based Shark Fishing Gear

Land Based Shark Fishing Gear plays a very important role while targeting sharks, especially from land.

A strong setup ensures you bring the shark in as quickly as possible.

Landing a Shark quickly will help with a safe release and drastically reduce the mortality rates.

My suggestion when it comes to reels, line, and rods for Land Based Shark Fishing:

  • Use an 80W (wide) or larger – these reels have more drag, line capacity, and can handle bigger sharks (and smaller sharks) better, which is helpful for all involved. Ideally, we want the shark to swim off strong and healthy, and a larger reel like an 80W or 130W gives you the best chance of having a successful catch and release.
  • As far as line/braid goes, I prefer to use at least 130 lbs braid on my 80W, or even heavier braid on a reel like the 130W. Per FWC Regulations, you must have at least 80 lbs line while shark fishing from land. 
  • The type of rod you use plays a big part in your catch as well. I suggest 100- to unlimited class rods that are 7 foot or bigger. This allows that backbone needed to bring in those big sharks. 

As always, if you are shark fishing from land, please make sure you have taken the Shark-Smart Fishing Educational Course found at and get the Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. Both of these are free, but are required by the state of Florida for anyone age 16 or older.

Any questions or concerns in regards to Land Based Shark Fishing Gear, please be sure to email me: 

Here are a few links of my go-to gear:

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