Shark Fishing Charters are ran twelve months a year and are tailored to each individuals experience level.  First time Shark Fishing?  Awesome, give us a call and Book Your Adventure!

Shark Fishing Charter Pricing

6 Hour Charter - $650 (5PM-11PM)

12 Hour Charter - $1000 (5PM-5AM)

(Up to 5 people - for larger groups please contact us)

Each person over the age of 16 years old must complete the prior to the charter.  Additional information about the course is available here -

Spring Trips (March - May) the sharks are beginning to move from south Florida into the northern Gulf of Mexico. Sandbar, Spinner, and Blacktips are cruising up and down the beaches. Large Tiger Sharks and Hammerheads are close behind them looking for an easy snack just off of the beach.

Additional Information on Spring Trips

Summer Trips (June - September) provide the perfect opportunity.  The waters are warm and the bait is abundant. Summer is the best time to land a Tiger Shark or Hammerhead over 10'. There’s a copious amount of Black Tips as well and if you hook one, you’re sure to get a great aerial and acrobatic show.

Additional Information on Summer Trips

Fall Trips (October - November) here on the panhandle can be quite active. All the sharks are on the move. Big tigers are still around in decent numbers. The water is cooling down and the Pompano are returning. Blacktips are still cruising the beach and the sandbars are starting to show up in good numbers.

Additional Information on Fall Trips

Winter Time Shark Fishing

Winter Trips (December - February) 

Winter is a great time to shark fish because the beaches are usually empty, giving you the chance to daytime shark fish as well. Sandbar sharks are prevalent, along with Dusky sharks that can grow to over 10 feet. Winter is undoubtedly your best chance to land the fastest fish in the sea as well; a Mako.

Targeted Shark Species

Land Based Shark Fishing Charters

Tiger sharks are known to grow well over 12 feet and weigh over 1,000 pounds. Some anglers refer to them as “the trash can of the sea” because they will eat practically anything. July and August are the best time to catch Tigers, but they can be caught year round.

Land Based Shark Fishing Charters

Hammerheads are one of the hardest fighting fish in the land based shark fishing world. They can reach 15 feet in length and will fight to the death due to exhaustion.  It is very important to bring them in as quickly as possible, to ensure a healthy release.

Florida Shark Regulations

Blacktips are the athletes of the shark world. They are extremely fast and acrobatic. Once they are hooked, they like to make fast runs and jump to give everyone a show. They are usually caught about 100 yards off the beach.

What will be provided:

  • Zero gravity Chairs
  • Folding Chairs
  • Canopy/Umbrella
  • Headlamps
  • Shark Rods & Reels
  • Surf Rods
  • Bait for Shark & Surf Rods
  • Water (No alcohol will be provided)

Items you will need to bring/have:

  • Completed Shark-Smart Fishing Educational Course found at and the Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. (Both of these are free, but are required by the state of Florida for anyone age 16 or older.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Blanket/Jacket (depending on weather)
  • Drinks & Snacks