Summer Time Shark Fishing

Summer Time Shark Fishing is a blast and provides an excellent opportunity to land your first Shark from the beach.

The warm waters and abundance of bait make it the ideal season to target sharks.

Targeting sharks in the summer can be tricky though. 

Here are a few pointers to ensure a nice catch:

  • Try to find an area that is not crowded. Shark fishing during the day time, and around crowded beaches and swimmers are frowned upon.
  • June Grass is prominent during the summer months. It’s inevitable that you will end up getting this algae on your fishing line, and although it’s not toxic, it is a nuisance. It’s slimy, and when it dries, it can give off a bad odor. Try locating a spot with the least amount of June Grass, and always make sure to throughly clean your reels and line after each use to ensure longevity. 
  • Boat traffic is ramped up during the summer months, which can result in your line being cut. Finding a low-traffic boating area can be tough, so fishing at night is encouraged. 

What can you expect to catch while shark fishing during the summer?

There are several species you can target, including Tiger Sharks, Bull Sharks, and Hammerheads.

The best baits to catch these sharks include Bonita’s, Jack’s, Ray’s and King’s.

Additionally, Black Tip Sharks are known to swim close to shore, and can be targeted using heavy spinning gear with cut bait such as lady fish, mullet, and chunks of Bonita.

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