Winter Shark Fishing Trips

Winter Shark Fishing Trips can be tricky, and is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Although we live in the Sunshine State, temperatures can often drop below freezing. The average water temperature on the gulf coast during the winter is between 50°-60° which is a drastic drop from the 90° water temperatures we experience during the summer months. 

Colder water brings new species of sharks in close to the beach.

Mako’s are known to migrate to the gulf during the winter and although it’s rare, it is possible to land a Mako. Mako’s can grow over 10 feet and 1,000 pounds. To land a Mako would be a fish of a lifetime, but it has been done several times on the Panhandle. 

Dusky’s are another species of shark you can expect to catch during the winter time. These sharks are known for dumping 60-100 yards of line in mere seconds, due to their size and strength. Dusky’s can also grow over 10 foot in length, so they always put up a fun fight. 

Tiger Sharks and Sandbar Sharks are prevalent as well. The best bait to use during the winter time would be Bonita, Ray’s, and King Mackerel. 

During Winter Shark Fishing Trips please keep in mind:

  • The beaches will be less crowded during the winter months, so this makes it the perfect opportunity to daytime shark fish. 
  • The surf will usually be flat due to the constant north winds, but always check the weather. Bring an extra change of clothes with you in case you get wet, and stay warm!
  • If you are shark fishing, please make sure you have taken the Shark-Smart Fishing Educational Course found at and get the Shore-Based Shark Fishing Permit. Both of these are free, but are required by the state of Florida for anyone age 16 or older.

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